Post MDSW Relaxation

Good afternoon! Whilst writing this post I am curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee and my most current knitting project. The last few months have seemed to speed by. One moment I hit "publish" on my last blog post, and the next moment we're nearing the end of the University semester, and have completed MDSW. 

What's Happened?

This year was truly an enjoyable show, despite all of the rain. We met lots of lovely people and got to catch up with old friends. We brought an abundance of Yorkshire Medley, and the rest of our flock yarn among other things. 

Over at the farm, our last few months were spent aerating and seeding the pasture. Can you believe that 2 years ago we had just started looking at a plot of meadow and forest that has transformed into our farm? But yes, you heard me correctly, we purchased a meadow with weeds and barely any grass; just stalky greens shooting up each season with no nutritional value. Therefore, even 2 years in we are continuing our rehabilitation of the pasture. All the hard work is seeming to pay off, as each day the pasture looks more and more green. 


We seem to be settling into a good rhythm moving into the summer. As long as we continue to get steady rain, the pasture should continue to flourish. 

What's Current?

Jeri and I have been quite busy skirting fleeces and making fun new things for the shop and festivals.

First off, look at these fabulous Felted River Stones. They are beautiful decorations, and functional! Use them as dryer balls (2 or 3 per load of laundry) to reduce static in your clothes 

You can find them for sale in-store, or online.

Next up, Jaime, our friend and local hand-dyer, is getting ready to use fiber from Susie our Wensleydale to try her hand at lockspinning. 

Want to grab some locks for yourself? Head on over to this page of our online store, or stop at the shop during regular business hours to check them out in person! 

Also happening at the moment, I'm currently the guest poster for the PA Women's Agricultural Network Instagram page. Head over to to check scenes from the farm until this Saturday! 

and the BIGGEST news of all....

Flying Fibers is pleased to announce that we are in the top 10 of Selective's #thinkBIG competition! We move on to the next round now and winners will be announced May 17th. Thank you all for your support.

Have a fabulous rest of your week!