Back from the Hustle & Bustle Pt 2

In Part 1 of this blog post, I introduced you to our first four lambs, Minnie, Ginny, Pippa and, Poppy. We have 12 lambs total on the ground (1 more since I wrote my first part of this post), and so allow me to introduce you to them all. 


Scout & Celeste

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 2.37.54 PM.png

These babes are Shetland cross lambs. Born on April 26th, these little girls are growing like weeds! Their wool is so interesting: sticky like a Shetland fleece, with the structure of a longwool. We are excited to see how these two girls grow out, and will definitely keep them as part of our crossbred flock. 

Are you keeping count? We're 6 for 6 with ewe lambs at this point in the season!

Hilda & Graham


The best part about Shetlands is that they are a landrace breed: they have been domesticated, but still hold onto their primitive instincts. I arrived at the farm after work to finish chores on May Day and saw a tiny black sheep and a tiny white sheep hanging around by Dot. I though that it was quite strange that Minnie and Ginny were with the wrong mum, until I saw that Minnie and Ginny were with Char. I pulled into the driveway and ran into the pasture (past all of the hungry rams mind you), I got into the ewe pasture and sweet Dot was grazing and these two lambs were standing near her. They were DEFINITELY Shetland babies, no doubt about it. They were dried off, walking, and baa-ing to their mum before nursing. What a great mom Dot is, and what instinctive babies they are. 

While this photo was taken the day they were born, Graham (black gulmoget ram) and Hilda (white ewe) are now the chubbiest little babies, and are growing more and more everyday! 

Oscar, Oliver, & Owen

Oliver (left), Oscar (middle), Owen (right)

Oliver (left), Oscar (middle), Owen (right)

With Graham being the tipping point, we were up to 7 ewes and 1 ram. Then Stella, our sweet Teeswater ewe, had her water break while Jeri was doing chores in the barn. On May 9th, in smallest to largest order, Stella (with Jeri's help), delivered her 3 little ram lambs. The neighbor boys named them Oscar, Oliver, and Owen: which are perfect names for these lads. 

Stella is being a great mum, and we're shocked that she still has enough milk for all three of these rascally rams. 



Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 6.18.07 PM.png

Say hello to Raina! She was the last lamb born this season. Her Mum is Timi (Leicester Longwool/Wensleydale crossbred), and her dad is our Teeswater ram, Sk8r Boy, so she is a proper longwool cross! She is officially a week old today and is getting more adventurous as each day passes. We think that she will be a beautiful addition to a spinners flock.

Final tally: 12 lambs total. 8 ewes. 4 rams

Thank you for following along in this blog post. I can't wait to share more photos of the lambs as they get older!