Jeri Robinson-Lawrence
Knitting, Felting, Weaving, Dyeing, Carding and Fiber Preparation

Jeri has her MFA degree in art and design and has enjoyed teaching at Millersville University and working in the fiber arts for many years. She raises North American Wensleydale Sheep with her daughter. Jeri is co-owner of Flying Fibers so you will read more about her throughout this site. For regular updates on Jeri's animals, check out the Flying Fibers Flock facebook page!


Irina Lawrence
Knitting, Spinning, Weaving, Crochet, Felting, Carding and Fiber Preparation

Although young in years, Irina is a prolific spinner, knitter, dyer, and weaver. She grew up around the fiber arts and is passionate about all that it entails. She currently raises Leicester Longwool sheep and Satin Angora rabbits. Irina is co-owner of Flying Fibers alongside her mother! For regular updates on Irina's animals, check out the Flying Fibers Flock facebook page!

Gaile Morrison
Beginning and Advanced Knitting

Gaile is a prolific knitter who loves to share her passion with everyone. Gaile comes to us with tremendous experience and she looks forward to expanding your knitting knowledge base.


Rhonda Slinghoff
Advanced Knitting

Rhonda is our advanced knitting teacher at Flying Fibers. You'll regularly find her knitting something textured in bright colors. Her Navajo knitting class is a customer favorite and she loves to teach others these new, and interesting techniques.